Web Design and WordPress Training

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Web Design and WordPress Training

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Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home, as the rich learning materials of this QLS Endorsed course is accessible from any place at any time. The advanced course curriculums are divided into tiny bite-sized audio-visual modules by industry specialists with years of experience behind them.

Course Curriculum

Web Design
0.1 Promo-Workflow 00:03:00
0.2 What we will cover in this course 00:03:00
Requirements to take this course
1.1 Skills-and-apps-you-need-to-take-this-course auto generated 00:02:00
1.2. Photoshop Extensions We Need 00:07:00
Organizing your Web Design Project
2.1 How To Organize A Design Project 00:05:00
2.2 Client’s Sketches 00:04:00
2.2 Naming Psd layers and Groups 00:06:00
2.3.Naming Conventions To Help Developers 00:03:00
Gathering project information from client
3.1 Design Briefs 00:10:00
3.3 Getting More Info On Project 00:05:00
3.4 Content Template For Gathering Information 00:03:00
Sketching, Wireframing, Atomic Design & 8point Grid system
4.1 Mood boards 00:06:00
4.2 Ideation Phase 00:05:00
4.3 Introduction To Balsamiq 00:10:00
4.4 Desining Wireframes Part 1 00:08:00
4.5 Desining Wireframes Part 2 00:14:00
4.6 Atomic Design 00:08:00
4.7 8pt Grid 00:09:00
Style Guides, colors and typographics scales
5.1 Typeface And Color Combinations 00:04:00
5.2 Ui Style Guides 00:07:00
5.3 Examples Of Ui Style Guides 00:03:00
5.4 How I Created My Style Guide 00:07:00
5.5 Style Guide-Type Scale Explained 00:03:00
5.6 Style Guide-Assignment 00:01:00
Designing for Desktop/Large View (Wstudio Web Design Project)
6.1 Online Tools For Grid Calculations 00:13:00
6.2 Planning Your Grid 00:05:00
6.3 White Space Plan 00:06:00
6.4 Setting Up Artboard For Desktop Design 00:07:00
6.5 Designing Header And Hero Part 1 00:12:00
6.6 Designing Header And Hero Part 2 00:09:00
6.7 Designing Steps Area Part 1 00:10:00
6.8 Designing Step Area Part 2 00:09:00
6.9. User Reviews Area Design 00:09:00
6.10 Adjusting White Space And Vertical Rhythem 00:06:00
6.11 Desining Team Part 1 00:11:00
6.12 Desining Team Part 2 00:07:00
6.13 Footer Design Part 1 00:08:00
6.14 Footer Design Part 2 00:11:00
Planning Responsive Web Design
7.1 Responsive Design Considerations Part 1 00:06:00
7.2 Responsive Design Considerations Part 2 00:06:00
Designing for Tablet/Medium View (Wstudio Web Design Project)
7.3.Establishing Grid For Tablets 00:07:00
7.4.Header Area For Tablet View 00:11:00
7.5.Section how it work – steps 00:10:00
7.6.Section team Tablet View 00:09:00
7.7 footer Design 00:09:00
Designing for Mobile/Small View (Wstudio Web Design Project)
8.1.mobile Artboard And Grids 00:04:00
8.2.header Mobile View 00:11:00
8.3.steps Section-mobile 00:09:00
8.4.section 2 Team Members For Mobile 00:09:00
8.5.footer And Final Adjustments 00:08:00
Designing for Developers
9.1.what Developes Needs To Know 00:05:00
9.2.Red Line Document with Ink 1 00:10:00
9.3.Red Line Document with Ink 2 00:06:00
9.4.which layer styles you can use photoshop 00:08:00
9.5.installing Using Zeplin 00:10:00
9.6.style Guides With Zeplin 00:14:00
9.7.tools-zeplin-avocode-1 00:04:00
9.8.avocode And Sympli 00:06:00
Prototyping with Invision app
10.1. What Are Prototypes 00:04:00
10.2.getting Familiar With Invision App For Prototyping 00:07:00
10.3.creating First Prototype With Invision App 00:06:00
SVGs and Icon Fonts in Web Design
11.1 using iconmoon app to create custom icon fonts set 00:08:00
11.2 Using SVG in Web design 00:11:00
Wordpress Training
Introduction & installing Wordpress
Course Outline 00:02:00
Website Online Hosting 00:10:00
Installing wordpress 00:03:00
Installing wordpress theme ocean wp & elementor page builder 00:02:00
Creating website pages & menu 00:07:00
Wordpress page builder Familiarization
Quick tour in Elementor 00:04:00
Creative Art directions & layout inspirations for web design 00:08:00
Familiarize with Elementor ( Sections ) 00:16:00
Familiarize with Elementor ( widgets ) & Desiging them 00:04:00
Brain storming & Tips for fast workflow with elementor 00:10:00
Wordpress home page Design & development
WordPress website header design & banner ( part 1 ) 00:17:00
WordPress website header design & banner ( part 2 ) 00:13:00
WordPress website header design & banner ( part 3 ) 00:08:00
Features Section Design 00:09:00
Png Section Design 00:04:00
Email opt-in section 00:11:00
Testmonials section design 00:12:00
Image carousel section (slider) design 00:10:00
WordPress Website Footer Design 00:13:00
WordPress Customizer tour & website logo 00:18:00
Finalizing our home page & design hints 00:05:00
Wordpress About Us page Design & development
About Us page Design ( part1 ) 00:17:00
About Us page Design ( part2 ) 00:18:00
About Us page Design ( part3 ) 00:12:00
Wordpress Contact Us & blog page design & development
Contact Us page & Blog Page Creation 00:23:00
Creating WordPress Blog & Posting with Elementor 00:21:00
Wordpress Responsive website & publishing website
WordPress Mobile & Tablet Responsive Website 00:21:00
Publishing wordpress website & creating maintance & coming soon pages 00:09:00
Free Plugins to mimic the Elementor Pro
Free plugins to Mimic the Elementor pro 00:14:00
Exporting & importing our Elementor pages
Exporting & Importing Elementor pages 00:05:00
Creating Our Wordpress ecommerce store
installing woocommerce plugin ( Ecommerce Section ) 00:06:00
Making the first product (simple product) 00:09:00
Making Variable products 00:09:00
Up sells & cross sells Products 00:04:00
Discount coupons 00:06:00
Designing ecommerce store with elementor 00:14:00
Wordpress website customization
Converting WordPress Website to https 00:04:00
Google Analytics & webmaster tool (SEO ranking) 00:10:00
Speeding up our wordpress website 00:13:00
Optimizing images & creative images Art directions 00:11:00
Understanding subdomains 00:06:00
Wordpress Website Backup, official email & more
Website official email (domain email & device setup) 00:05:00
Site back up & site lock trust seal English 00:09:00
Course Certification
Order Your Certificate 00:00:00
Assignment – Web Design and WordPress Training 3 weeks, 5 days

Certificate of Achievement

Learners will get an certificate of achievement directly at their doorstep after successfully completing the course!

It should also be noted that international students must pay £10 for shipping cost.

CPD Accredited Certification

Upon successfully completing the course, you will be qualified for CPD Accredited Certificate. Certification is available –

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