The Complete Microsoft OneDrive Course

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Course Curriculum

Unit 01: You Can Master OneDrive
The Complete Microsoft OneDrive Course –Mastering OneDrive Promo 00:01:00
Quick Reminder – You Can Ask Me Anytime 00:01:00
Another Quick Reminder: You Facebook Group 00:01:00
Quick Win – Create a Folder and Rename It 00:01:00
Another Quick Quick Win – Share and Collaborate 00:01:00
What’s OneDrive 00:03:00
OneDrive Free and Paid Plans 00:04:00
OneDrive Sign up 00:05:00
OneDrive Personal Vault 00:02:00
OneDrive PC folder Backup 00:02:00
OneDrive Desktop App Download and Installation 00:02:00
OneDrive Mobile App Download and Installation 00:04:00
Unit 02: OneDrive Functions and Interface
Quick Win – Change the View of Displayed Files and Folder 00:01:00
Another Quick Win Create a New Album 00:01:00
Complete OneDrive Environment 00:06:00
Upload and Download in OneDrive 00:03:00
Creating New File and Folder in OneDrive 00:02:00
Selecting Files and Folder in OneDrive 00:01:00
Sharing and collaborating files and folder in OneDrive 00:04:00
Other options in top bar of the files and folder 00:04:00
Other options in top bar of the files and folder part 2 00:08:00
Picture options in OneDrive 00:03:00
Right Click options in OneDrive 00:01:00
Personals Valid in OneDrive 00:02:00
Personals Valid Options in OneDrive 00:03:00
Shared Folder in OneDrive 00:02:00
OneDrive Settings – Storage Management 00:03:00
OneDrive Settings (cont.) 00:04:00
Microsoft OneDrive Mobile Version 00:07:00
Unit 03: Microsoft Word OneDrive
Complete Microsoft Word Environment 00:05:00
Ribbon Guide 00:01:00
Menu and Groups Guide 00:02:00
Learn Functions and Options Then Projects 00:01:00
Microsoft Word Home Menu Tools 00:17:00
Microsoft Word Home Reviewing and Viewing Mode 00:02:00
Microsoft Word File Menu 00:05:00
Microsoft Word Insert Menu – Page Break and Table 00:08:00
Microsoft Word Insert Picture Menu 00:05:00
Microsoft Word Word Inserting Header and Footer, symbol and emoji 00:05:00
Microsoft Word Layout Menu 00:02:00
Microsoft OneDrive References Menu 00:04:00
Microsoft Word Review Menu 00:05:00
Microsoft Word View and Help 00:02:00
Unit 04: Microsoft Word Project and Tables Practice
Timetable Making in Microsoft Word 00:06:00
Bill System in Microsoft Word 00:06:00
Unit 05: Microsoft Excel OneDrive
Microsoft Excel In OneDrive Environment 00:03:00
Microsoft Excel Home (Part 1) 00:11:00
Microsoft Excel Number Formats 00:03:00
Microsoft Excel Conditional Format 00:03:00
Microsoft Excel Formatting a Table 00:07:00
Microsoft One Drive Insert 00:06:00
Microsoft Data, Review and View 00:04:00
Unit 06: Microsoft Excel Practice
Salary Table in Microsoft Excel 00:06:00
Salary Table in Microsoft Excel (cont.) 00:07:00
Unit 07: Microsoft PowerPoint OneDrive
Microsoft PowerPoint Environment 00:02:00
Microsoft PowerPoint Home and Insert Menu 00:06:00
Microsoft PowerPoint Insert and Design Menu 00:05:00
Microsoft Power Point Animation and Transition and More 00:04:00
Unit 08: Microsoft PowerPoint Practice
Projects of PowerPoint 00:12:00
Unit 09: Other Apps in OneDrive and Settings
OneNote in OneDrive 00:04:00
Forms Survey in OneDrive 00:03:00
Plain Text in OneDrive 00:01:00
OneDrive Profile Management 00:05:00
Account OneDrive Settings 00:03:00
Unit 10: Create Powerful Password for Your Account18 lectures • 1hr 8min
Quick Win – Create Unknown Password 00:01:00
Security Is Everything!!! 00:01:00
Quick Win – Insecurity Is Coming from You and Others 00:01:00
Understand Security Type or Category 00:02:00
Life Savers – You Should Know These 00:04:00
Have Proper Password – Start Securing You Now 00:03:00
Don’t Use the Same Password Anymore 00:02:00
Should You Use Longer Password or Complicated! 00:03:00
The Best and Only Solution to Make and Keep Password Un-Crack-Able 00:08:00
Last-pass Setup and Configure 00:10:00
Last-Pass Options Part 1 00:03:00
Last-Pass Options Part 2 00:04:00
Last-Pass Option Part 3 00:04:00
2FA Makes You Even Stronger in Password 00:05:00
Last-Pass & Authy Mobile App 00:02:00
Security Is Everything, Keep Secured Your Devices 00:07:00
Security on Your Data and Privacy 00:08:00
Unit 11: Conclusion
Congratulations – You Are Now a Master of OneDrive 00:01:00
Assignment -The Complete Microsoft OneDrive Course 00:00:00

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