Office Administration & Management Diploma

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Office Administration & Management

Office Administration & Management ​

Thinking about a career in administration? This Office Administration & Management Diploma program is your ticket to success! It’s packed with everything you need to know to succeed in an office environment.

This Administrative Program will help you confidently handle a busy phone line, craft emails that get noticed, and keep everyone on track with your organisational magic. You’ll learn the secrets of time management (because who doesn’t need that?) and discover how to navigate the world of office communication like a pro.

But it’s not just about emails and calls. This Office Administration & Management Diploma goes beyond the basics. You’ll unlock the power of body language to become a confident communicator and master the art of organising meetings that get things done.

Plus, you’ll gain valuable tech skills. Learn to use Excel and PowerPoint like a pro, creating presentations and spreadsheets that showcase professionalism.

Completing this Office Administration & Management Diploma program will prepare you to launch a rewarding career in various administrative settings.

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Who Is This Office Administration & Management Course For?​

This Office Administration & Management Diploma is perfect for anyone who wants to become an invaluable asset as an Administration manager role in any office setting. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a career switcher, or someone seeking to boost your skillset, administration courses will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to excel in the administrative world. Recent graduates of the UK are seeking administrative courses to boost their resumes for their future prospects.

Certificate of Achievement

Quality Licence Scheme Endorsed

Upon successful completion of the Office Administration & Management Diploma, you can order an original hardcopy certificate of achievement endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme. The certificate will be home-delivered, with a pricing scheme of  —

CPD Certification

After successfully completing the assessment of this course, you will also qualify for the CPD Certificate from Imperial Academy, as proof of your continued development. Certification is available in PDF format, at the cost of £9, or a hard copy can be sent to you via post, at the cost of £15. International students will have to pay an extra £10 as postal fees.

Career Path

Please note: Salary ranges are indicative and can vary depending on experience, location, and employer.

Course Curriculum

Admin, Secretarial and PA Diploma
Module 01: Personal Assistant
Personal Assistant 01:23:00
Module 02: Admin Support
Admin Support 01:54:00
Module 03: Administrative Management
Administrative Management 01:00:00
Module 04: Organisational Skills
Organisational Skills 01:16:00
Module 05: Telephone Etiquette
Telephone Etiquette 01:07:00
Module 06: Business Writing
Business Writing 01:24:00
Module 07: Time Management
Time Management 01:09:00
Module 08: Body Language and Effective Communication
Body Language and Effective Communication 01:23:00
Module 09: Meeting Management
Meeting Management 01:24:00
Module 10: Excel Basics
Navigate the Excel User Interface 00:28:00
Use Excel Commands 00:10:00
Create and Save a Basic Workbook 00:19:00
Enter Cell Data 00:12:00
Use Excel Help 00:05:00
Create Worksheet Formulas 00:15:00
Insert Functions 00:17:00
Reuse Formulas and Functions 00:17:00
Insert, Delete, and Adjust Cells, Columns, and Rows 00:10:00
Search for and Replace Data 00:09:00
Use Proofing and Research Tools 00:07:00
Apply Text Formats 00:16:00
Apply Number Format 00:08:00
Align Cell Contents 00:09:00
Apply Styles and Themes 00:12:00
Apply Basic Conditional Formatting 00:11:00
Create and Use Templates 00:08:00
Preview and Print a Workbook 00:10:00
Set Up the Page Layout 00:09:00
Configure Headers and Footers 00:07:00
Manage Worksheets 00:05:00
Manage Workbook and Worksheet Views 00:07:00
Manage Workbook Properties 00:06:00
Module 11: PowerPoint Basic
Customize the User Interface 00:19:00
Set PowerPoint 2016 Options 00:07:00
Modify Slide Masters and Slide Layouts 00:16:00
Add Headers and Footers 00:05:00
Modify the Notes Master and the Handout Master 00:04:00
Create SmartArt 00:09:00
Modify SmartArt 00:05:00
Write Math Equations 00:07:00
Add Audio to a Presentation 00:09:00
Add Video to a Presentation 00:10:00
Customize Animations and Transitions 00:14:00
Review a Presentation 00:15:00
Store and Share Presentations on the Web 00:06:00
Annotate a Presentation 00:07:00
Set Up a Slide Show 00:08:00
Create a Custom Slide Show 00:03:00
Add Hyperlinks and Action Buttons 00:07:00
Record a Presentation 00:05:00
Secure a Presentation 00:11:00
Broadcast a Slide Show 00:07:00
Create a Video or a CD 00:08:00
Assignment – Admin 6 days, 18 hours

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