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Course Curriculum

Section 01: Is Freelancing Right for You?
Introduction 00:04:00
Benefits of Freelancing 00:06:00
Challenges of Freelancing 00:03:00
Section 02: Preparing for Launch
Section Introduction 00:01:00
Scheduling Your Freelance Business Launch 00:04:00
Creating a Freelance Portfolio 00:06:00
Building a List of Freelance Services 00:03:00
Creating a Website for a Freelance Business 00:07:00
Creating Freelance Marketing Websites for Specific Client Categories 00:06:00
Creating a Targeted Set of Sales Proposals 00:13:00
Freelance Proposal Templates 00:16:00
Setup Bookkeeping Service 00:10:00
Section 03: How to Get Freelance Clients
Section Introduction 00:01:00
An Overview of Where to Get Freelance Clients 00:03:00
The Secret to Getting Clients on Outsourcing Services 00:07:00
Soft Skills for Becoming More Appealing to Freelancers 00:13:00
How to Organically Grow a Freelance Business 00:20:00
Section 04: Project Management for Freelancers
Section Introduction 00:03:00
How to Create an Accurate Project Bid as a Freelancer 00:09:00
Feature Requirement Elicitation Process 00:10:00
Project Management Application Tools for Freelancers 00:15:00
Introduction to Using Git to Manage Freelance Projects 00:07:00
How to Use GitHub Part 1 of 2 00:12:00
How to Use GitHub Part 2 of 2 00:12:00
Automating Daily Updates to Clients 00:06:00
How to Remotely Demo Work for Freelance Clients 00:11:00
Freelance Guide to Managing Advanced Features 00:11:00
Defining Project Success as a Freelance Developer 00:12:00
Managing Outsourced Developers 00:10:00
Dodging Silver Bullets as a Freelancer 00:07:00
Freelancer Prototyping Tools 00:14:00
Section 05: Testing Freelance Project
Section Introduction 00:01:00
Using TDD (Test Driven Development) on Freelance Projects 00:12:00
Generating a Code Quality Report for Freelance Projects 00:10:00
Section 06: Working with Legacy Applications
Section Introduction 00:01:00
How to Take Over a Legacy Application as a Freelancer 00:12:00
Starting Over vs. Refactoring on Legacy Applications 00:15:00
Section 07: Managing Client Relationships
Section Introduction 00:01:00
How to Managing Client Communications as a Freelancer 00:08:00
Managing Conflicts with Clients as a Freelancer 00:07:00
Knowing When to Fire a Client as a Freelancer 00:12:00

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