Fixed Income Securities: Become a Bond Analyst & Investor

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Fixed Income Securities: Become a Bond Analyst & Investor

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Debt Financing
Introduction 00:01:00
Properties of fixed income securities 00:01:00
Money Market & Capital Market 00:01:00
Primary & Secondary Markets 00:01:00
Introduction to Bonds
Market capitalization of the bond market 00:01:00
Definition of Bonds 00:01:00
Issuer of Bonds 00:01:00
Categories of Bonds 00:03:00
Flow of Funds in Fixed Income Markets 00:02:00
Example of Bond-funded projects 00:01:00
Characteristics of Bonds
Face value & Coupon rate 00:01:00
Coupon date & Maturity 00:01:00
Term, Purchase price & Accrued interest 00:01:00
Yield Rate 00:01:00
Covenants 00:01:00
Coupon Payments 00:01:00
Types of Bonds
Zero-Coupon bonds 00:02:00
Convertible bonds 00:01:00
Callable bonds 00:01:00
Puttable bonds 00:02:00
Forms of Bonds
Default-free bonds & defaultable bonds 00:01:00
Rating of Defaultable bonds 00:01:00
The Yield curve
Introduction (The Yield curve) 00:01:00
Types of Yield curves 00:01:00
Bond Valuation or Bond Pricing
Bond Symbols 00:01:00
Bonds issued at Par, Premium & Discount 00:03:00
Relationship between Yield to Maturity (YTM) and Bond Price 00:03:00
Value of a zero-coupon bond 00:02:00
Value of a bond with coupon payments 00:01:00
Case Study
Part a 00:07:00
Part b 00:02:00
Part c 00:06:00

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