Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

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Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:01:00
Massage Tables-The 4 Most Important considerations 00:06:00
Creams and Oils-Whats Great and whats not 00:04:00
The Set up-Dont do what i did 00:05:00
This factor makes a huge difference 00:03:00
It’s all in the timing 00:04:00
Contraindications of Massage, intake forms and more 00:01:00
Why i Don’t include these things in my massages 00:04:00
Do no Harm 00:01:00
The Perfect Person to Practice your massage on 00:01:00
Why Most Therapists don’t last! 00:07:00
Now is the time to put the time in 00:02:00
Some Final Points 00:02:00
Putting it all together 00:02:00
The Massage Strokes Correct and Incorrect Ways
General Stroke 00:02:00
Kneading 00:01:00
Scissor Stroke 00:01:00
Acupressure Techniques 00:03:00
Forearms 00:02:00
Full Body Deep tissue Massage
Massage Start Sequence 00:05:00
Back Sequence 1 00:15:00
Back Sequence 2 00:08:00
Back of Legs 00:09:00
Legs Prone Stretching 00:02:00
Neck 00:05:00
Arms 00:05:00
Front of Legs Stretching 00:03:00
Front of Legs Stretching 00:03:00
Full Massage Sequence
Full Body Massage Sequence 00:56:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Deep Tissue Massage Therapy 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Deep Tissue Massage Therapy 00:20:00

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