Python Basic Programming for Absolute Beginners

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Python Basic Programming for Absolute Beginners

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Course Curriculum

Section 01: Introduction
Course Introduction 00:02:00
Course Curriculum 00:04:00
How to get Pre-requisites 00:02:00
Getting Started on Windows, Linux or Mac 00:01:00
Section 02: Introduction to Python and Setting Up
Introduction to Python 00:02:00
Python vs Other Languages 00:04:00
Why It’s Popular 00:04:00
Command Line Basics 00:07:00
Python Installation (Step By Step) 00:06:00
PyCharm IDE Installation 00:08:00
Getting Start PyCharm IDE 00:05:00
First Python Hello World Program 00:07:00
Assessment Test1 00:01:00
Solution for Assessment Test1 00:01:00
Summary 00:02:00
Section 03: PythonBasic
Introduction 00:02:00
Variables 00:16:00
Data Types 00:13:00
Type Casting 00:07:00
User Inputs 00:08:00
Comments 00:04:00
Assessment Test2 00:01:00
Solution for Assessment Test2 00:02:00
Summary 00:02:00
Section 04: Python Strings
Introduction 00:02:00
Strings 00:05:00
String Indexing 00:05:00
String Slicing 00:04:00
String Built-in Functions 00:09:00
Formatting String (Dynamic Data) 00:05:00
Assessment Test3 00:01:00
Solution for Assessment Test3 00:01:00
Summary 00:01:00
Section 05: Python Operators
Introduction 00:03:00
Arithmetic Operators 00:08:00
Assignment Operators 00:05:00
Comparison Operators 00:05:00
Logical Operators 00:02:00
AND Operator 00:04:00
OR Operator 00:02:00
NOT Operator 00:03:00
Booleans 00:02:00
Assessment Test4 00:02:00
Solution for Assessment Test4 00:01:00
Summary 00:01:00
Section 06: Python Sequences
Introduction 00:02:00
Arrays in Earlier 00:02:00
Lists 00:06:00
Add List Items 00:03:00
Remove List Items 00:01:00
Sort Lists 00:03:00
Join Lists 00:08:00
Tuples 00:08:00
Update tuples 00:07:00
Join tuples 00:02:00
Dictionaries 00:06:00
Add Dictionary Items 00:04:00
Remove Dictionary Items 00:03:00
Nested Dictionaries 00:04:00
Sets 00:04:00
Add Set Items 00:03:00
Remove Set Items 00:01:00
Join Set Items 00:04:00
Assessment Test5 00:01:00
Solution for Assessment Test5 00:02:00
Summary 00:01:00
Section 07: Python Statements
Introduction 00:03:00
If Statement 00:03:00
If-else Statement 00:04:00
If-elif-else Statement 00:04:00
If Statement Coding Exercise 00:05:00
Assessment Test 6 00:02:00
Solution for Assessment Test 6 00:02:00
Summary 00:02:00
Section 08: Python Control Flow Statements
Introduction 00:04:00
Flow Charts 00:06:00
While Loops Statement 00:10:00
For Loops Statement 00:06:00
Loop through a String 00:03:00
The Break Statement 00:03:00
The Continue Statement 00:02:00
The range() Function 00:04:00
Nested Loops 00:04:00
2D List using Nested Loop 00:04:00
Assessment Test7 00:01:00
Solution for Assessment Test7 00:03:00
Summary 00:01:00
Section 09: Python Games for Beginners
Introduction 00:01:00
Guessing Game 00:07:00
Car Game 00:10:00
Summary 00:01:00
Section 10: Python Functions
Introduction 00:02:00
Creating a Function 00:03:00
Calling a Function 00:06:00
Function with Arguments 00:05:00
args, Arbitrary Arguments 00:04:00
kwargs, Arbitrary Keyword Arguments 00:06:00
Summary 00:01:00
Section 11: Working with File Structure
Introduction 00:03:00
Reading Files 00:10:00
Creating / Writing Files 00:06:00
Delete Files 00:03:00
Summary 00:01:00
Section 12: Regular Expressions
Introduction 00:02:00
RegEx Module 00:07:00
RegEx Functions 00:08:00
Summary 00:02:00
Section 13: PythonProject
Introduction 00:02:00
Project Overview 00:04:00
ATM RealTime Project 00:13:00
Summary 00:01:00

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